Energy Efficiency Programs Cover Costs in NJ

Energy efficiency is now more crucial than ever. There are many ways to reduce energy costs and ecological footprint through modern systems for your facilities located in New Jersey. Best of all, government programs are available to fully cover an initial energy audit. The subsequent energy savings plan, design, and construction costs are funded by leveraging future energy savings, which allows for minimal out of pocket expenses for the Customer.

The ESIP law, enacted in 2009, was crafted to enable a greener future for New Jersey by covering the upfront costs of implementing energy-efficient systems for our government’s institutional facilities.

This program’s wide success has prompted Governor Murphy’s new law, which provides additional benefits for our school districts and small businesses. Let’s examine the process and benefits of these programs by looking at the services Tokarski Millemann Architects have provided in this arena for over a decade.

Tokarski Millemann Energize NJ Schools

Shortly before these programs were available, Tokarski Millemann Architects worked with the Keyport School District to take their first steps towards solar in 2008. This innovative design consultation and cost savings resulted in an additional project involving replacing the schools aging HVAC systems.

Once the ESIP program became available, several other school districts called on Tokarski Millemann to provide design services in modern upgrades and new construction. Beginning in 2015, Tokarski Millemann Architects worked on the 3 year, $16 Million ESIP Project for Old Bridge Township Public Schools. This expansive project included boiler replacements, solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, transformer replacements, LED lighting and building envelope improvements. At the conclusion of the term, the District will realize approximately 17 million dollars in energy savings.

Soon being recognized as a top architectural firm by Home Builders Digest as a “team of skilled designers well-versed in creating distinctive design solutions,”—it was a natural fit to work with Manasquan Board of Ed, designing the field house for Manasquan High School.

Manasquan School District: An Example in Energy Saving

Tokarski Millemann has now begun a complete energy efficiency design for educational facilities throughout the Manasquan Schools campus. The energy audit conducted by TRC and cost-benefit analysis by Honeywell shows that  $3.5 Million in energy savings annually will cover all the costs of initial assessments, designs by Tokarski Millemann, and completed construction. Because of this vital energy program and the implementation of the strategies, the energy use in the schools will be dramatically decreased, and efficiency in long-term maintenance of these buildings will be improved for the better.

Energy Efficiency Funds for Small Business and Institutions

Tokarski Millemann Architects have proven that their work with the School Districts of New Jersey can have a massive impact on lowering the cost of energy consumption in our public schools. These benefits to our tax dollars and our environment can now be extended to small businesses in New Jersey thanks to the NJ Clean Energy Stimulus Program.