2023 Funding Opportunities Improving NJ Schools

In 2023, there are exciting new opportunities for funding school facilities projects in New Jersey. The New Jersey Schools Development Authority (NJSDA) and the New Jersey Department of Education have announced a $350 million grant program for Regular Operating Districts, signed into law by Governor Murphy on June 30, 2022. This program offers the chance for school districts to receive funding for projects that address health and safety, essential upgrades or repairs, and other related projects. To be eligible for a grant, districts must demonstrate local matching funds and that their proposed scope of work is 100% eligible for state support. Funding percentages depend on each district’s District Aid Percentage (DAP) and eligible project costs as determined by the NJDOE.

Projects like these and others for our school districts ensure that facilities are safe and secure and have the necessary resources and infrastructure to support high-quality education. These investments can also help improve the overall functionality and efficiency of a school district’s facilities, benefiting both students and teachers. In addition, investing in these projects can help reduce workload and stress on teachers and staff, enabling them to focus on their primary responsibilities. Overall, investing in these initiatives helps create a supportive and welcoming environment for all members of a school district community and ensures that facilities are equipped to support the highest levels of education and achievement.

Understanding Eligibility for the $350M Improvement Grant

When planning your school district’s facilities upgrades, it’s essential to understand the eligibility requirements for the NJSDA grant program for Regular Operating Districts. In order for a school facilities project to be considered for funding, the proposed scope of work must be 100% eligible for state support and fall within one of the listed priorities. These priorities include critical operational building needs, such as essential building systems upgrades, building skin repairs or replacements, building code issues, projects related to hazardous material abatement, security and communications systems, and technology infrastructure upgrades.

Tokarski Millemann: A History in Improving NJ School Facilities

With thirty years of experience in facilities design, renovations and capital improvement implementations for school districts —Tokarski Millemann has a proven track record of success  in achieving district’s facilities goals. Our team of experienced architects deeply understands school districts’ unique challenges and needs. We are committed to delivering cost-effective, sustainable solutions that improve efficiencies for taxpayers and enhance the learning environment for students and teachers.

Our expertise, combined with the funding opportunities offered by the new grant program, can help school districts across the state make positive changes and investments in their facilities. With a wealth of experience working with NJ School Districts, we are eager to assist clients to capitalize on this exciting opportunity and achieve success. Contact us today to discuss your school district’s facilities improvement plans.