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Our Philosophy
Tokarski Millemann Architects exists to provide the extraordinary.  We desire to inspire our clients and leave behind inspirational architecture.  This is only accomplished through creative design and a well executed project management.  Our process begins with you, our client.  It is your desire to build or change your environment. We listen. Then we get to work. Design, form, function and style are synthesized with materials and construction knowledge into a virtual structure through the latest computer technology. The design drawings, renderings and models are visual tools to convey design ideas to clients and the contractors who will make them into reality. The essence of TMA’s work can be summed up in five words: creativity, diversity, experience, sustainability and constructability.

Our specialty is Commercial and Modern Residential structures. The majority of our firm’s work encompasses the following building typologies: commercial, k-12 schools (both public and private), colleges and universities, churches, automotive dealerships, retail, office, municipal, restaurants and high-end modern residential. Our diversity is what brings fresh ideas and wide range of capabilities to your project.